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RejuvenAir Professional Series

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Working in collaboration with Austin Air, RejuvenAir is proud to present the RejuvenAir Professional Series air purifier. 

The unit was created with dentists and other healthcare professionals in mind. It offers a 5 stage filtration system that contains a HEGA filter. The HEGA cloth was created by the British military to combat a chemical attack. It is a highly effective filter which in conjunction with the other levels of filtration, can handle the needs of a dental office. It is also antibacterial/antiviral.

The Professional Series unit contains a special proprietary filter that removes mercury from the air.  This is important in dental offices as there are many patients that still have amalgam fillings in their mouth. Removal of these fillings can generate mercury aerosols. With the Rejevnair Professional Series air purifier, that concern has been addressed.



*The RejuvenAir Professional Series Air Purifier is made exclusively for RejuvenAir and can only be sold through RejuvenAir.  It is not sold by Austin Air and is not part of their standard product line. 

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